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Since our journey began, Earthwatch has supported world-class research on our expeditions in some of the wildest places on Earth.  

Starting from our roots as Educational Expeditions International in 1971, when four scientists from the Smithsonian Institution led volunteers to study volcanoes worldwide. Earthwatch has changed the hearts and minds of many and driven positive change across the globe all for the benefit of our precious and only planet.  


  • 1971

    The first expedition takes place in Ethiopia’s Amaro Mountains and Educational Expeditions International becomes an international funder of scientific field research  

  • 1975

    Earthwatch launches its first teacher program 

  • 1982

    Earthwatch Australia is founded, initially located in Sydney later moving to Melbourne  

  • 1989

    The Earthwatch Student Challenge Program begins and Earthwatch Europe is founded in Oxford, UK  

  • 1996

    Earthwatch Japan is founded in Tokyo

  • 2007

    Earthwatch begins the largest-ever employee engagement program focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility

  • 2009

    Earthwatch Australia receives the Prime Minister’s Award for Australian Environmentalist of the Year, for outstanding achievement at a national and international level

  • 2011

    Earthwatch celebrates its 40th anniversary, having invested in more than thousands of conservation research projects in over 120 countries engaging more than 100,000 people who have contributed millions of hours of data collection globally.

  • 2022

    Having been established 10 years after its American counterpart, Earthwatch Australia celebrates 40 years in 2022.


History and awards timeline