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Teacher Development

Earthwatch works with teachers to help them inspire the next generation to take action to save the natural world. We deliver a range of opportunities for teacher professional development, outdoor education, student growth and classroom resources.

You can join our education mission

We partner with business, governments, and other organisations to help deliver our programs nationwide. Your involvement highlights your commitment to the environment and sustainability practices, and drives progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

School Workshops

Earthwatch houses a number of expert scientists, ready to work with you to deliver hands-on citizen science workshops. Our focus is on two areas:

ClimateWatch with Dr Anna McCallum

Climate change is the most pressing issue we face and the youth are voicing their concerns. Teachers can join one-day training workshops to help embed climate science into school learning and enable students to contribute to real world climate projects.  
The training includes background material on climate change and local ecosystems, biodiversity and how to identify species, data collection and interpretation, the use of the ClimateWatch app and website, and assistance to create an ongoing monitoring program with their students using the ClimateWatch program. 
Dedicated education resources are provided, which contain lesson plans and links to the secondary math, science and geography curriculum. 

Dr Anna McCallum

A scientist with over 10 years of experience in biodiversity research. As the ClimateWatch Program Manager, she is passionate about the power of citizens and digital technology to contribute to conservation.

Jock Mackenzie

Jock Mackenzie is a tidal wetland ecologist and science communicator with over 15 years' experience in field ecology. Jock leads our Student Challenge program in Queensland and is passionate about creating environmental champions.

Wetlands with Jock Mackenzie

Mangroves and tidal wetlands are critical ecosystems that support, protect and enhance the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. But they are under significant threat due to climate change, land clearing and other human impacts. 
Teachers are invited to register for two-day training workshops which will be held in four locations, Cairns, Mackay, North Keppel and Gladstone to enable their school to become part of a critical research program to save these ecosystems. 
Teachers will build skills in scientific design, data collection, and analysis and be equipped with the skills needed to build a wetland monitoring program with their students. Free educational resources will be available to assist with linking to science curriculum.