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We are citizen science program development experts

Corporate Social Responsibility

The climate crisis and biodiversity crisis are the most significant threats to our society, environment and economy. With $44 trillion of economic value at severe or moderate risk due to nature loss (WEF 2020), and the UN announcing a Decade of Action for business and society, it is time to invest and work together to save the natural world.  

Earthwatch partners with corporations as we see a critical role for large, globally-diversified organisations in the shift towards a net zero, nature positive future. 

We are committed to helping businesses understand their environmental impact and become leaders in sustainability.

Our mission is to empower people to take action for the environment and save the natural world. We believe that working together with businesses and corporations to help identify and take actions to minimise impact on the natural world is crucial.

Join our latest offering: Tiny Forests!

Tiny Forests are densely-packed native patches of bushland the size of a tennis court. They are a powerhouse for urban cooling, oases for flora and fauna, and a community wellbeing hub.

Businesses can fight climate change, address their CSR & ESG requirements, and empower employees to connect with nature by becoming a Tiny Forest partner.

We are citizen science program development experts

With over 50 years of global experience under our belt, we are experts in developing and implementing citizen science projects. Accessible for all ages and backgrounds, we develop scientifically robust programs which bring our citizens closer to nature, where no formal training is required.

We can help your business identify and take actions that minimise your impact and build a sustainable future. Earthwatch's bespoke leadership development programs can help embed sustainability into your corporate culture.

Our hands-on, immersive in-field experiences, transform corporate employees into citizen scientists and develop informed responses on how key environmental issues and mega trends affect business now and into the future.

  • Develop informed and responsive strategies, policies and practices
  • Empower sustainability leadership
  • Integrate corporate sustainability programs into your business
  • Learn how to deliver on your global Sustainable Development Goals
  • Improve employee engagement & Co-create leadership programs
  • Disrupt thinking & encourage innovation
  • Up-skill your staff

To discuss corporate partnership opportunities, please fill out our Partnership Enquiry form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.  

Corporate Partnerships

We have worked with a number of blue-chip companies to deliver sustainability programs.


Tackling Marine Debris
We take Amcor employees on a real-life learning experience where they undertake marine debris research around the world. Inspiration for innovation within the business and finding solutions at the manufacture point are a key aim of the project.


Bush Blitz

Building Australia’s capacity to understand the importance of biodiversity and how to protect it, by increasing the collection and sharing of scientific data using a collaborative approach with the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Since the program began, 1,781 new species have been discovered.

Mitsubushi Development

Understanding Queensland’s Blue Carbon Resource
Using citizen science, this program successfully raised the awareness and value of Queensland's Blue Carbon Stocks. Results helped develop a technical report highlighting the power of citizen science data in mangrove habitats, provided critical information to the development of the blue carbon market and will have enduring impact on the development of Emissions Reduction Fund, National Greenhouse Accounts and Australian Government policy.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Recovery of the Great Barrier of Reef
Mitsubishi Corporation and the Australian Institute of Marine Science work to fill knowledge gaps that will help reef managers to make evidence-based decisions about active interventions that will support the Great Barrier Reef’s recovery, and the recovery of reefs around the world.

To discuss corporate partnership opportunities, please fill out our Partnership Enquiry form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.