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Government Initiatives

Earthwatch works with all levels of government in Australia – from local councils, to state park authorities and land managers, as well as federal portfolios like education, environment, science and innovation, and meteorology.

We are citizen science program development experts

With over 50 years of global experience under our belt, we are experts in developing and implementing citizen science projects. Accessible for all ages and backgrounds, we develop scientifically robust programs which bring our citizens closer to nature, where no formal training is required.

Our programs adhere to the strictest health and safety standards to keep our participants safe.

Work with us

Our government projects focus on two key areas:

Climate change & biodiversity

Leveraging our flagship phenology app, ClimateWatch, we create walkable trails on a local, state and federal level. Using their phones, citizens take images and record behavioural and geographical data of plant and animal species, and observe how our they are responding to climate change. With a network of over 85 trails in Australia, citizens can connect with a national climate action effort, gain knowledge and feel empowered in making a difference.

Urban greening & biodiversity

Urban forests play a critical role in maintaining the health and liveability of cities, increasing a city's resilience. We are researching the effectiveness of Tiny Forests, densely planted natives to help bring biodiversity back to our cities. We’re seeking expressions of interest from:   

  • Councils and land owners with land suitable for a tiny forest
  • Corporates and Philanthropists wanting to invest in tiny forests
  • Property developers interested in including a tiny forest in their projects 

Our Government Partnerships

We’ve worked with federal, state and local governments on various sustainability projects: 

Federal Collaborations

Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and Parks Australia

Bush Blitz
Building Australia’s capacity to understand the importance of biodiversity and how to protect it, by increasing the collection and sharing of scientific data using a collaborative approach with the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Since the program began, 1,781 new species have been discovered.

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Inspiring Australia

Bringing park visitors, nature enthusiasts, students, contractors, park staff, and the general public together with climate change scientists through ClimateWatch; and connecting schools and community groups to their parks and neighbourhoods.

State Collaborations

Department of Education and Training, Victoria’s Strategic Partnerships Program and Parks Victoria

Department of Education and Training, Victoria’s Strategic Partnerships Program and Parks Victoria

Climate Resilient Communities

ClimateWatch education resources aid integration into schools and a network of walking trails was established with partners across the country for community members to freely use.

Victorian Government’s Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Capital Grants

Victorian Government’s Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Capital Grants Program

Distinctive Areas and Landscapes

Using our Kids Teaching Kids peer teaching methodology, we are working with local environmental stakeholders to provide teachers and students with immersive teaching and learning opportunities in four distinct areas: Macedon Ranges, Bass Coast, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.

Local Collaborations

Urban greening & biodiversity

Victorian Councils

Living Melbourne

An urban greening project to revitalise and engage citizens with backyard action. Let’s Scale Up! Urban Greening in the private realm: engaging and motivating the community.

Partnering with councils in Australian states and territories

ClimateWatch Trails

ClimateWatch breaks down the barriers of participation in climate action. Developing over 85 national trails to engage citizens in climate action.