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Earthwatch works with Trusts and Foundations to facilitate research and citizen science programs.

Trusts and Foundations

Earthwatch works with Trusts and Foundations to facilitate research and citizen science programs. 

We are citizen science program development experts  
With over 50 years of global experience under our belt, we are experts in developing and implementing citizen science projects. Accessible for all ages and backgrounds, we develop scientifically robust programs which bring our citizens closer to nature, where no formal training is required. 

Our programs adhere to the strictest health and safety standards to keep our participants safe.

We can co-create a citizen science program with you that aligns your goals and ours:  

  • Connecting with nature
  • Community
  • Knowledge creation,
  • Scientific literacy
  • Field research
  • Education
  • Empowering behaviour change
  • Positive environmental action
  • Environmental stewardship, and
  • Sustainable living 

Trusts & Foundations Partnerships

George Alexander Foundation

Student Challenge
Leveraging our flagship phenology app, ClimateWatch, we create walkable trails on a local, state and federal level. Using their phones, citizens take images and record behavioural and geographical data of plant and animal species, and observe how our they are responding to climate change. With a network of over 85 trails in Australia, citizens can connect with a national climate action effort, gain knowledge and feel empowered in making a difference.

Helen McPherson Smith Trust

Stronger Together

Stronger Together, a partnership with Parks Victoria, this is a citizen science project that builds capacity in regional communities to understand, monitor, and take action to protect Victoria's biodiversity. Using our app, ClimateWatch, Victorians will collect images and record behavioural and geographical data on climate sensitive plants and animals in Park trails. The increased scientific knowledge will inform Park Victoria's management and intervention strategies for species at risk.