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Youth Development

Agents of Change for the Environment (ACE)

Agents of Change for the Environment is a game-changer for young adults from rural and regional Australia who dream of being part of the solution to solving environmental issues in their local community.

A unique, fully funded experience that blends citizen science and learning in nature, with both in-person and online educational sessions, all evidence-based and designed just for you.  

Join us on a mission to co-create a better future for people and the planet

About the Program

We believe young people have the power, passion, and capacity to drive positive change for a better future. To make this happen, we want to support you in growing your knowledge, gaining new skills, and establishing the networks you need to tackle important environmental challenges.

There is a gap in what is available in terms of community leadership and environmental education for individuals aged 18-24. In particular, for those outside the traditional education system or facing marginalization. The Agents of Change for the Environment (ACE) Program aims to address this gap by offering tailored leadership mentoring with an environmental focus. 

Are you a young change-maker, aged 18 to 24, from the heartlands of regional Australia? Are you passionate about the environment and ready to make a lasting positive impact? Look no further – the Agents of Change for the Environment Fellowship is calling you to be a part of this ground-breaking program.

Join us!

Join us on a hybrid learning journey, combining online and in-person training. Engage virtually through webinars, workshops, and educational resources. Our modules are designed to develop skills, improve knowledge, and create networks, empowering you to lead environmental projects in your local communities. Alongside hands-on local projects, a week-long in-person training will give you the opportunity to connect with peers and mentors, engage in activities including the teaching and learning of citizen science methodologies, First Nations traditional knowledge, and practice of personal development tools.

Who we are looking for

Passionate young individuals (18-24 year olds) with: 

  • An enthusiastic commitment to environmental causes;
  • A change-making attitude or vision to shape a more sustainable future;
  • A desire to foster resilient and united communities;
  • A willingness to dedicate at least 2 hours per week to the ACE program over a period of 3 months.

Note: No previous experience required!
We strongly encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Program locations

In the year ahead, we will focus on collaborating with local environmental partners in three specific hubs:

Get involved

Let us help you shape your future! Click below to apply for this unique opportunity.

What's on offer
  • Engaging workshops on personal development & leadership skills;
  • Expert guidance to better understand and tackle complex environmental challenges;
  • Experiential initiatives and practical projects in the field;
  • Mentorship opportunities;
  • Networking events with other like-minded young leaders;
  • Opportunities to participate in some exciting Earthwatch’s scientific expeditions as a paid team leader;
  • Internship opportunities. 

This program is funded by The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.

"The focus of the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation is all about backing young people. We know that young people are eager to take action to care for Australia’s precious environment but often lack the resources and encouragement to do so. We are delighted to support Earthwatch’s Agents of Change for the Environment program and know it will support the young people engaged in the program to turn their concerns about the environment into practical action."

- Jenny Wheatley, Chief Executive Officer, Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Any questions? Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.