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Earthwatch works with Trusts and Foundations to facilitate research and citizen science programs.

First Nations

Earthwatch works collaboratively with community groups, social enterprises and non-government organisations (NGOs) to bridge the gaps between science, community and nature.

We are citizen science program development experts

We can co-create a citizen science program with you that aligns your goals and ours:

  • Connecting with nature
  • Community
  • Knowledge creation,
  • Scientific literacy
  • Field research
  • Education
  • Empowering behaviour change
  • Positive environmental action
  • Environmental stewardship, and
  • Sustainable living 

First Nations Partnerships

 Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation

Wetlands not Wastelands
Earthwatch provided training to 20 CLCAC Indigenous Land and Environment Rangers and 30 community volunteers to help deliver a first-of-its-kind marine pollution and wetland management program in the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria.
Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation Logo

Jabalbina Aboriginal Corporation

Understanding Queensland’s Blue Carbon Resource

Using citizen science and working with the traditional knowledge of the Jabalbina Land and Sea Rangers, this program successfully raised the awareness and value of Queensland's Blue Carbon Stocks. Results helped develop a technical report highlighting the power of citizen science data in mangrove habitats, provided critical information to the development of the blue carbon market and will have enduring impact on the development of Emissions Reduction Fund, National Greenhouse Accounts and Australian Government policy.