Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef

Be part of the team undertaking active recovery efforts on and around Magnetic Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.


Currently, our only expedition on offer is "Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef" on Magnetic Island, Queensland.

Our international expeditions will be re-launching soon!  Details of some of these fantastic experiences can be found below.

If you are interested in booking an international experience and would like to stay up to date, please contact our team here. In your enquiry, please detail the name of the expedition/s you are interested in and we will contact you personally, as a priority, when international expeditions are available.
We appreciate your patience with this process and thank you for your interest!

On your Earthwatch Expedition you will work alongside scientists collecting valuable data that will help protect threatened wildlife, habitats and ecosystems all around the world. Get muddy in the mangroves of the Wet Tropics or head to the Great Barrier Reef and weed the ocean to help corals on the Great Barrier Reef.

Step off the beaten path to discover nature as you've never experienced it before by fundraising for yourself with an Earthwatch expedition fund.

Please note: Access to your My Earthwatch portal and all bookings are directed through the Earthwatch US website with prices in Australian dollars.

May 2023 Update

  • Vaccination: Our vaccination policy follows the latest Australian Government advice. All Earthwatch Participants are required to produce verified proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (double dose) unless medically exempt.
  • International Travel: International expeditions are coming soon! Please keep an eye on this page for future updates.
  • Travel Credit: If you are unable to attend a program or expedition which you have booked since 12 Jan 2022 due to circumstances out of your control (e.g. domestic border closures), we will automatically issue travel credit which will remain valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue. If you have booked trips prior to this date, our previous policy of 3 years applies. As we are a small organisation, we have a number of unrecoverable costs when it comes to arranging programs and expeditions, therefore we are unable to provide refunds.

Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef

Be part of the team undertaking active recovery efforts on and around Magnetic Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Amazon Riverboat Exploration

Help conserve wildlife within the Amazon Basin, while seeking pink river dolphins, primates, macaw, caiman, giant river otters, piranha and exotic fish.

Climate Change at the Arctic's Edge

Shrinking sea ice, retreating glaciers, a tree line migrating farther North, and less snow that melts earlier—uncover what these climate-related changes mean for the Arctic and all of us.

Climate Change in the Mackenzie Mountains

Scientists expect to see the greatest effects of global warming in the Arctic. Discover what these effects might be and the impacts on this awe-inspiring landscape and all of us.

Climate Change: Sea to Trees at Acadia National Park

Help scientists tell the story of how humans are reshaping Acadia to inspire policies that will safeguard this iconic American habitat and bird wonderland.

Conserving Threatened Rhinos in South Africa

Rhino populations are in crisis due to the high value of rhino horn combined with widespread poaching.

Conserving Wild Bees and Other Pollinators of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to over 400 species of native wild bees and about 50 species of hummingbirds, but habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change threaten these essential pollinators.

Costa Rican Sea Turtles

Help Earthwatch scientists discover why Pacific leatherback sea turtles have almost disappeared from Costa Rica's beaches.

Cracking the Code: the Mysteries of Native Bees in Utah

Join researchers in the towering mountains and verdant forests of Utah to monitor the health and diversity of bee populations.

Discovering Ancient Societies in Portugal

Hunter-gatherers and farmers may have coexisted for a brief time in ancient Portuguese societies before the shift to agriculture. Unearth the mystery of this transition.

Elephants and Sustainable Agriculture in Kenya

Help local farmers to conserve elephants and their habitat in southeast Kenya by implementing sustainable agriculture practices.

Following Forest Owls in the Western U.S.

Help researchers study the nesting behaviour of Forest Owls in Utah and Arizona to better understand how this species is influenced by climate change.

Investigating Threats to Chimps in Uganda

Explore interactions between people and chimpanzees and other primates in the rainforest of Uganda to improve human–primate relationships.

Killer Whales and Their Prey in Iceland

Help scientists study the feeding behaviour of killer whales in Iceland to better understand potential threats to this species.

Mapping Biodiversity in Cuba

Join scientists on the largest island in the Caribbean to survey its diverse array of birds and amphibians.

Marine Mammals and Predators in Costa Rica

Climb aboard a motorboat and sail a tropical “inner sea” in search of endangered dolphins and whales in Costa Rica.

Protecting Whooping Cranes and Coastal Habitats in Texas

Join scientists along the Gulf Coast of Texas to study the endangered Whooping Crane and help to uncover how a changing environment is impacting the coastal marsh ecosystems these unique birds call their winter home.

Restoring Coral Reefs in Bali

Snorkel through Bali’s coastal waters as you investigate the impact and role of artificial coral reefs.

Searching for Fossils and Fauna in Zambia

Join scientists in the breathtaking South Luangwa National Park to search for fossils, bones, and living animals.

Shark and Ray Conservation in Belize

How can we keep shark and ray populations strong? Find answers while exploring some of the world’s most beautiful reefs.

South African Penguins

Join Earthwatch in South Africa to help protect a colony of African penguins on Robben Island.

Tracking Caterpillars in Tropical Forests

How much can the humble caterpillar tell us about the world we live in? More than you might imagine.

Tracking Sharks and Rays in Florida

Survey a variety of shark and ray species in Florida to help ensure the populations are protected from overexploitation and environmental threats.

Trailing Penguins in Patagonia

How exactly do penguins find food at sea, and how does it impact their young? Be among the first to investigate.

Unearthing Ancient History in Tuscany

What can we learn about Italy’s ancient people from the ruins they left along the coast of Tuscany? Help us dust off clues.

Wildlife and Reforestation in Brazil

The once vast Atlantic Forest in Brazil has been reduced to less than one sixth of its former size.

Wildlife in the Changing Andorran Pyrenees

Help discover and protect this delicate Alpine environment from climate change, and from ourselves.

Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe

Explore the lives of grassland animals, from the hedgehog to the Siberian ibex, to help conserve their wilderness home.

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