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How to get Involved

We have various partnership and funding options to help you establish a Tiny Forest or to be involved in the Tiny Forest movement. Get in touch to find out how you can become involved.

Business and Philanthropy

Tiny Forests are your corporate leadership billboard in action against climate change and biodiversity loss. Businesses can address their CSR and ESG requirements and empower employees to connect with nature by becoming a Tiny Forest partner. Earthwatch is uniquely positioned to support businesses with their responses to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For decades, we’ve worked with well-known companies around the world from a diverse array of sectors to foster environmental leadership and build a more sustainable future.

Benefits include:

  • Corporate sustainability
  • Scientific data
  • Strategy links
  • Environmental Action
  • Employee engagement
  • SDG Alignment

Join the movement and donate to invest in the Tiny Forest program. 6 Tiny Forests will engage and empower 1000 people to protect nature.

We have various partnership and funding options to help you establish a Tiny Forest - Get in touch to find out how you can get involved.

Employee Engagement

Earthwatch's experienced facilitators will take employees on a environmental learning journey, incorporating theoretical learning, in-field activities, and personal action planning.

Your employees will gain an increased understanding of:

  • Urban biodiversity and climate issues
  • How to improve biodiversity in their local neighbourhood
  • The value of trees and their role in climate and biodiversity resilience 

A feedback survey will also be distributed to participants, to help understand the benefits of spending time in nature on personal wellbeing, the results of which we can share.

Councils and property developers

Earthwatch is currently building a pipeline of available Tiny Forest sites; and councils and property developers are in the unique position of having that intersection between land and community engagement.

Tiny Forests serve as inspiring outdoor learning classrooms for communities, who will be engaged in the planting, maintaining and ongoing scientific monitoring of the forests, to quantify the benefits they provide. By actively partaking in the success of the forest, communities appreciate the true value of trees and biodiversity, creating stewards for their ongoing conservation.

To understand more about how the program works, and the site requirements, please read our handbook.


Help care for a Tiny Forest in your local area. Opportunities range from surveying and collecting data, to maintaining the forest. At this stage, volunteer opportunities are limited, but will grow as our network of Tiny Forests grow.

Don’t fit into any of those boxes? You can still help. Donate big, or small (or tiny!) to help us grow our network of Tiny Forests across Australia.


An outdoor classroom space is designed within the forest as a space for students to gain skills, knowledge and motivation to take action for biodiversity and climate change.

Earthwatch provides facilitated monitoring (data collection) days as part of the program. We have also developed a suite of Primary curriculum-linked lesson plans containing lots of fun nature-focussed activities, available through the links below: