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A blog from the bog


Petra Chambers

Today I learnt a lot about flora conservation as I worked with botanists in the area of Little Tin Mine creek. We were in a fenced off exclusion zone built to keep out feral pigs and horses and allow the vegetation to grow without their disturbance. The area was a bog ecosystem composed of black soil which is nutrient rich but slightly acidic. It is very wet and muddy underfoot. This means that the area the plant is growing in is constantly wet and will only enable a limited type of plants to grow.

One of the great plant finds that Alex McLachlan (Fieldwork coordinator from the Australian National Botanic Gardens Seedbank) found today that was very exciting was the Almaleea capitata. Not a lot is known about this plant and it only has two other recorded sightings. Today's was the third! What Alex could tell me though was that it is a plant that only lives within other bushes, commonly one called the Baeckea which it closely resembles. It is thought that this may be a form of camouflage that helps the plant to avoid being eaten. I truly believe that plants are just as clever as animals!