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Action and Reaction


Sarah Todd

Newton's Third Law of motion... with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The action was me applying for and attending the Bush Blitz teach live expedition, the reaction is sharing this experience with my students and continue to give them opportunities to be curious and to be excited by science.

action and reaction 1

Today was pack up day.

I was having mixed feelings; but was overwhelmed by excitement. Excitement for many reasons, because I was returning home to my family, returning to teach my students at school and because I was feeling so motivated from my time spent on the bush blitz expedition. The enthusiasm and expertise that each scientist had for their specialisation was second to none.

On our trip back to Ceduna from Fowlers Bay we stopped in at Ceduna Area School to assist two of the South Australian Museum scientists with two incursions. They spoke to the students about their discoveries on the expedition and the techniques used to collect their samples. It was fantastic to see the scientists engage with their audience and to inspire young "scientists".

action and reaction 2action and reaction 3

Each day of the expedition I was writing notes in my phone (that was only useful as a camera and a notepad, due to the non-existent Optus coverage), new discoveries, scientific names of species, names of collection techniques, scientist contact details, taxonomy clues and ways to identify and preserve different species. But why? What was the point of recording this information? To continue to inspire future generations!

I wrote a list of "things" to try at school; I have purchased LED ring lights for our microscopes, for every class to explore specimens, to create a native bee garden to encourage more species to visit our site and to invite more scientists to engage and share their knowledge with the students.

It really hit me when I zoomed two of my classes back at school with a Marine Biologist. The students commented to their teacher about how the marine biologist just looked like a "normal person" (7 year old speak...) and that really anyone could be a scientist. Imagine being a scientist and inspiring young people to be scientists... What a powerful thought...

action and reaction 4

I am truly thankful for the amazing once in a life time opportunity I was able to experience with this Bush Blitz adventurous expedition!