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Arrival Day and Community Day


Emma Snowden

A teacher with a passion in getting our younger generation involved in looking after the environment, getting to know other people by learning languages, and getting outdoors.

Community day is a wonderful event organised by Bush Blitz. The Memorial Hall in Jindabyne was our base, and conveniently located next to the local market. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as all the scientists gathered their recent collections from the area, ready to display. Presenting to the community, the scientists had on offer, a variety of living and dead samples for people to investigate and ask questions about. Jodi and Tom, from the Australian Museum, had skinks. The Botanists had a huge collection of samples that they had collected in the field the day before. There were many spiders to take a good look at including a funnel web spider and a few different species of the orb spider. A lot of people enjoyed watching and playing with the water bugs that Richard and Julian had set up. Richard and Julian are from Museums Victoria and their expertise is in Caddisflies, Mayflies and stoneflies. With the use of technology, we could see a lot of detail on the water bugs they had collected.

It has been a wonderful first two days of learning. The scientists are incredibly knowledgeable in their area of expertise. If you have questions, please let me know, and I'll get busy interviewing.

Check out the video link below to watch a collection of photos and videos!

Arrival day and community day3