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Community Day, YAY!


Valerie Bradshaw

Today the scientists curated a community event for the children from Penola School and for the broader Fowlers Bay community. There was a buzz about Base Camp today as all the scientists gathered their collections ready for display. Presenting to the community the scientists offered living and dead samples. Some highlights for the Penola School children were the spiders, pigmy possums and crabs. The Marine Biologists even brought along their boat! The children were able to have a hands on experience learning about soil science and botany, leaving them excited and enthusiastic to learn more. Later in the day the Fowlers Bay community members arrived and a BBQ was put on with some of the local kids back for a second look.

All in all it was a highly successful day; rewarding for the scientists and public alike.

It is always inspiring watching people who are passionate about what they do speak about it and I will leave tomorrow for Adelaide invigorated and inspired.