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Expedition Ecosystems


Ruth Whelan

There were extra visitors to the expedition today. A bit like show and tell... Each of the teams took a visitor with them into the field to share what they have been doing. Ben, Helen (the other two teachers) and I went with one of the teams each, as well. This gave the visitors a chance to see us in action.

This afternoon I have been out with the entomologists, I didn't find many creatures today, I seemed to have my eyes peeled for mosses and Liverworts. I collected 5 different samples and brought them in to the lab for Dr. Lynn Cave from the Herbarium. 3 of them will be processed and kept as specimens for the herbarium. The photo in the heading is of one of the mosses I have collected for Lynn.

This link will connect you to the venn diagram (mindmap) I have created that will pull apart the concept of ecosystems. Can you add the connecting lines to turn it into a food web? There are more questions embedded in the information. All the photos I have taken are here as well.