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Looking after Country


Louise Edwards

In the spirit of collaboration this project has shown me the power of bringing like minded people together.

The Traditional Ewamian Owners and the Park Rangers talked about how the landscape is managed by cool burns. Knowing that there needs to be moisture in the soil profile and green grass in the landscape makes complete sense that those conditions would suit a burn to protect and rejuvenate the environment.

The other really important aspect of a cool burn is the smoke. The light coloured smoke is enough warning to the insects to move to higher ground. They are then safe. Even the trees have evolved to protect themselves by having different bark patterns that will burn but not to any depth. This landscape is burnt roughly every 3 years. The Traditional Ewamian Owners leave tomorrow but in their farewells Jim said that it is extremely important work that the scientists are doing because science and Aboriginal Peoples’ knowledge work together to understand what is here on this Country.