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Myth Buster- Has Tassie Devil been a victim of poor branding?


Helen Wilson

The world's largest carnivorous marsupial is usually associated with loud and aggressive behaviour. Drooling, snarling, teeth baring and emitting loud, blood-curdling shrieks. This does occur when there is competition for food and during the mating season but today’s scenario in the field told quite a different story.

myth buster 1

The team from Save the Tasmanian Devil Program invited us to join them as they monitored the health of the devils captured in their traps. Each devil was scanned, micro-chipped, weighed, measured, examined and vital data was recorded before they were gently released back into the wild.

myth buster 2

Throughout the whole process the team worked together seamlessly in a tender choreographed display of teamwork. During the whole process each devil was surprisingly calm and compliant. They didn’t flinch as they were injected, biopsied, measured, weighed and examined. Then, upon release, they skipped off happily into the bush.

myth buster 3

So the next time you you see a Tasmanian Devil, don't be too quick to judge!