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Picking up thousands of bottle caps, unfortunately our time here has come to a wrap.


Jenni Frank

We started off the day checking pitfall traps for small reptiles and packing up funnel traps. On our last full day on the island, we got the chance to experience some of the jobs involved in being a local ranger. With local rangers, we spent the day cleaning up 6 Mile Beach. After hours of collecting rubbish and three full utes of rubbish (seen below), sadly, we had only made a small dent in the marine debris washed up on the beach. The rangers and the community work throughout the year to keep this beautiful beach that you see below clean. Today’s activity does make me reconsider my use of plastic, and I hope the pictures also make you reconsider your use of plastic. We even made art out of rubbish on the beach to get our message across, as seen below! On a lighter note, the afternoon was spent putting together Elliot traps after cleaning as well as developing a teacher rap. The teacher rap is just a small token of our appreciation for everything the scientists have taught us over the past week!

picking up thousands 1      picking up thousands 2

picking up thousands 3      picking up thousands 4