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Science extension at Nhill


Todd Rogers

Little Desert National Park VIC Bush Blitz | Oct 2018

The Bush Blitz continues to uncover new information and improve scientific understanding of the biodiversity of Little Desert National Park in northwest Victoria.

Science without extension is like knowing the secrets but not sharing - info can’t be used to improve the wellbeing of all. Teams of scientists, teachers, media crews, Earthwatch and Bush Blitz support staff arrived at the Nhill Community Hall this morning with one purpose: to excite and engage the public.

science extension 1

With a great turnout, attendees were treated to a range of specimens collected from Little Desert National Park as well as videos, digital media and displays. Local landowners came to see the fruits of their efforts in conserving the land which was close to being developed for farming.

Interactive displays allowed kids to make and test seed dispersal models to compete for the greatest distance flown by a seed. Others used plant materials and animal templates to show their artistry.

science extension 2

After a very successful day of extension, we returned to the farmstay and found an interesting guest waiting to greet us.

science extension 3


Can you identify our welcome guest from the above photo? Or can you come up with a good describing name for her?

The scorpion is in a box with an ultra-violet light to show how they fluoresce or shine brightly when exposed to that type of energy. How would this strange ability help scorpions to survive and thrive?

science extension 4