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Spider Wheels


Earthwatch Australia

Protected Areas of the ACT Bush Blitz | December 2018

spider wheels 1

Today I had the distinct pleasure of working with Robert Raven and Eamon Amsters in the Namadgi National Park. Having already spent a good deal of time with these two we got straight into the spider hunting, the thing that blew me away from the very start was the sheer volume of spiders we were finding. Robert simply parks his old diesel car on the fire road and leaves it running. The vibrations that the engine produce cause sound waves that intensify the further away from the vehicle they get, this produces a phenomenal display were all of the spiders in the vicinity run towards the car to find the ‘sweet spot’ which happens to be directly under the vehicle! I would like to have this be my teachable moment and will aim to find a suitable engine at home with which to replicate this feat.

Apparently I could get a job at this if I keep taking it so seriously! Yes...I did find a spider under that log!