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Spotting Spiders in the Scrub


Jeff Scott

Little Desert National Park VIC Bush Blitz | Oct 2018

Today was an opportunity to see the spider team in action. I was joined by Barbara, Joseph and Haylee (Bush Blitz). Our local guides were Laurie and Gavin from Parks Victoria.

Our first stop was the Pink Lake. It is aptly named. The colour is due to the presence of red algae that, along with the solid salt bed of the lake, create this unusual hue. This site proved to be a good one for our peacock spider hunter Joseph, and pretty good for Barbara too. I could see them jumping around but could not catch one!

spotting spiders 1

We moved on to Lake Wyn Wyn, which had a beautiful pink colour to it too. The salt beds around the lake were much larger than the Pink Lake due to the lower water level. This spot proved not as fruitful but some species were collected.

spotting spiders 2

We travelled to West Wail Reserve, had some lunch, and continued searching. There seemed to be a bit of action here with a few spiders being caught. After a few more tries I finally caught one!

On the way back to camp we tried a spot in the Little Desert National Park. Slim pickings here I am afraid, just the one, but a species that the team hadn't seen so far on their trip.

Total stats for the day came in at 28 species from 4 sites. Not too bad.

Another fantastic day in the field. Now when I walk around I look for lizards, different types of plants and spiders!