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The Dragonfly Hunter


Sean Becker

A day spent hunting dragonflies with bug experts Zoe, Nik & Erinn.

Where to begin… Today was my first time flying in a helicopter! To make things even better, our landing was at the top of an incredible waterfall. Our companions for the day were three experts across the field of bugs – Zoe (true bugs), Nik (true bugs) and Erinn (parasitoid wasps).

I spent the morning with Nik catching dragonflies. It is hard to describe the technique, but once a dragonfly landed on a twig or blade of grass, you would quickly scoop it up with a net and then flick the bag of the net over itself, securing the catch. You then carefully reach in the net and grab the dragonfly by both wings, such that they are pressed between thumb and forefinger.

After some lunch overlooking the gorge and waterfall, we descended to the pool below for a swim (after making sure there were no crocs visible). We were also paid a visit by a Green Tree Snake (who had just finished eating a frog).

Another amazing day in paradise.

the dragonfly hunter 2

the dragonfly hunter 3