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Touch down in Ceduna for the Fowlers Bay Bush Blitz


Vanessa Greenslade

After an exciting flight to Ceduna on a small aircraft with a fellow teacher from Adelaide a budding ecologist and an Earthwatch representative we set off to Fowlers Bay for the major Bush Blitz Expedition.

Fowlers Bay, on the far western edge of Eyre Peninsula, was on the news recently about the beautiful sand hills surrounding it that are slowly moving! Apparently a couple of buildings have been covered and the sand is moving towards their main road.

touch down in ceduna 1

This Bush Blitz we are heading towards runs for 2 weeks and involves around 30 ecologists and scientists from several major research institutes including the SA Museum, the University of Adelaide and Flinders University. They are collecting important data about marine and terrestrial invertebrates and plants, reptiles, mammals and also soil profiles.

touch down in ceduna 2

I feel very lucky to be joining the other teachers in this expedition and am excited to begin tomorrow in join the ecologists for learning some amazing field work skills to enable us to learn about this remote and beautiful environment.

touch down in ceduna 3