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Welcome to Groote, it's beaut!


Jenni Frank

Welcome to our Groote Eylandt experience! I hope this blog allows you to feel like you are here with me enjoying this amazing experience. For those of you interested in pursuing further study or a career in Science, this will provide you with an insight into a day in the life of a scientist. This morning I flew in from Darwin to Groote Eylandt! After a rapid COVID test, we drove to base camp where we will be based for the next 5 days. This afternoon, scientists have helped us in setting up a series of traps and cameras to survey the biodiversity of the local area and potentially find new species. Firstly, we set up pitfall traps as seen below. The hope is that small skinks will run along the fencing and fall in the pipe. Then we set up Elliot traps (seen below) to catch native mice and wire cages (seen below) to catch larger mammals such as Northern quolls. Mammals are lured into the traps using delicious balls of oats, honey, peanut butter and sunflower seeds.

welcome to groote 1      welcome to groote 2      welcome to groote 3     welcome to groote 4

To finish off the day, we set up day and night video cameras. I got my chance to do my best David Attenbourgh impression as I was filmed setting up one of these cameras. Early (6.30am) tomorrow morning we will be able to check and see what we have caught! Caught specimens will have DNA samples taken so evolutionary relationships between mainland and island species can be evaluated. Please check back tomorrow for further glimpses of a day in the life of a research scientist.