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Amazon Riverboat Exploration

Aboard a riverboat deep in the heart of Peru’s flooded Amazon region, you’ll help to conserve river dolphins and monkeys, and protect the fragile South American wilderness.

The vast, pristine Amazonian forests of northeastern Peru are home to an incredible array of wildlife. As you travel along the Yarapa River, you’ll spot pink river dolphins and caimans swimming through the waters, while monkeys and extraordinary birds move through the canopy overhead. In the lakes you can find a vast array of fish, and sometimes you can even spot rare giant river otters hunting and playing.

But this spectacular diversity is declining due to recent intense climate fluctuations that have caused floods and droughts. As part of an Earthwatch team, you’ll help survey the area’s wildlife to gather key information about the health of the ecosystem and the sustainability of traditional hunting and fishing. Through this community-based approach, you’ll help researchers develop conservation strategies that confront the current threats from climate change and ensure sustainable use of these valuable resources.

You’ll sleep aboard a restored, 100-year-old air-conditioned vessel from the Rubber Boom era that is moored in the Yarapa River of the Samiria-Yavari protected areas. There, you’ll discover a flooded forest whose waters run from the Andes Mountains through this delicate wilderness. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and work with the Cocama people from a nearby village. With your help, Earthwatch and the Cocama will develop management plans to protect both the needs of the indigenous people and the wildlife of the Samiria-Yavari landscape.

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  • Activity Level: Varies
  • Location: Samiria River, Peru, South America
  • Lead Scientist:

    Richard Bodmer, Ph.D.

From $3,850 AUD
Duration: 8+ days