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Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe

Explore the lives of grassland animals, from the hedgehog to the Siberian ibex, to help conserve their wilderness home.

Mongolia hosts a rich diversity of wildlife, especially compared with other Central Asian nations. Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, with 666 square kilometers (257 square miles) of grassland and arid steppe habitats, provides a protected home for many of its species. But even within the bounds of the reserve, the animals of Ikh Nart face threats from poaching, illegal mining, and overgrazing. Local counties manage protected areas for the Mongolian federal government, but they lack the resources to provide active stewardship.

This magnificent region of semiarid grasslands and rocky outcrops is one of the best hopes for wildlife in central Asia. Argali sheep, saker falcon, cinereous vultures, and other animals threatened throughout their range find a stronghold here. Herds of graceful Mongolian gazelles and goitered gazelles roam freely through the reserve. For the past several years, Earthwatch teams have worked to study and conserve the area's wildlife, including the "near-threatened" argali—the largest mountain sheep in the world, with huge, curling horns.

Join this team to explore this wilderness landscape in a way few people get the opportunity to experience. Your work will be used to develop improved conservation management policies in the reserve and help conserve this magnificent landscape and the life that depends on it.

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$5,300 AUD
Duration: 14 days